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What our customers say

We love hearing from our customers, and we also know that listening to them can help settle any uncertainties that you may have. Below are some of our customers comments about the Happiest at Home service and CAREPals.

“I live in Bath, Somerset and my Mum Betty lives in Durham, County Durham. I was starting to notice how Mum was beginning to struggle with tasks such as cleaning and weekly shopping and I was getting more and more worried as I live so far away from her. I was struggling to find a suitable company that could help, when I came across Happiest at Home.

I contacted them and they were happy to help. The whole process was so simple and efficient. I explained what I wanted for Mum and within the hour I had an email from them that included a profile of a Carepal called Dawn. Dawn lives in a nearby village and she is now Mum’s dedicated Carepal. She visits Mum twice a week for a couple of hours. Mum really has become great friends with Dawn and really looks forward to the days that she comes. We have all of Dawn’s contact information to make any changes to times or to ask Dawn to help Mum with something specific that week. Happiest at Home have also given us an app for our phone, that lets us see where and when Dawn arrived and left Mum’s.

I really could not be more relieved, and Mum could not be happier.

If you want a first-class service at a reasonable price then please contact them. They really do deliver!”

Mrs C.T. / Bath

“I live alone and have huge anxiety and self-confidence problems. I have suffered with this horrible condition for my whole adult life and it’s so bad that I struggle to leave the house.

I heard about Happiest at Home and contacted them, as I desperately needed to get out of the house at least once a week to get some fresh air, have a chat and make a new friend.

I now have my Carepal who is called Amanda, she is lovely and takes me out in her car to places like the beach. I should have done this 30 years ago, I have missed out on so much!”

Miss D.R / Newcastle upon Tyne

“We have a lovely young boy, Chris, who has just turned 20 and who has Down’s Syndrome. He loves to socialise and to get out into the community. He’s very chatty and friendly and we were anxious to get a ‘friend’ for him of a similar age, who would spend quality time with him and teach him life skills. It was also essential that we had the same companion for every weekly visit, as he closely bonds with people and becomes upset if people let him down.

We had used another home support company, but we got a different support worker every visit.

We asked around and we were recommended Happiest at Home by a friend who’s Mum uses them. We called them up, they were very knowledgeable and fully understood what we were trying to achieve, they listened!

Within a couple of days they had a couple of options for us. We met a couple of recommended Carepals and eventually decided that Mark was the best fit for Chris.

If you are looking for the same person to visit then use Happy at Home.”

Mr & Mrs A.S / Oxford