Disability Support

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Living with complex health conditions can often mean that support is needed to help people enjoy their lives, continue to have freedom, and to get help with daily chores.

Whether this is Multiple Sclerosis, an acquired brain injury, or any other condition, the effects of physical disability can vary greatly. Some have a minimal effect, others alter lives completely.

The approach taken by our CAREPals differs from person to person as everyone has different needs and demands.

Hired their services for my teenage child, Happy at home response was quick, (their consultant) experienced and quickly got to know what requirements of the carer were needed. After speaking to a couple of them, we were able to find a perfect CarePal ….. who was absolutely superb…… (office staff) were always fantastic & empathetic in communication & CarePal was very well trained, punctual, extremely caring and made very good friends with all of the family members within no time.

Will surely recommend to all.
NB: we have been using different childcarers since last 15 years—using Happiest at Home was a complete peace of mind and hassle free with fantastic instant bonding of CarePal with my child.