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Studies have shown that loneliness has a serious negative effect on health and wellbeing.  Happiest at Home aims to prevent loneliness through companionship care.  We simply find someone to be there for you or your loved one.

We can help with weekly shopping, taking you to social groups and gatherings, making sure you are eating healthily, or going out for lunch with you.

We have had clients encouraged and supported to take up new hobbies such as dancing, cookery classes and card games.  We match you with a CAREPal with similar interests so that you share the experience together.

“I live alone and have huge anxiety and self-confidence problems. I have suffered with this horrible condition for my whole adult life and it’s so bad that I struggle to leave the house.

I heard about Happiest at Home and contacted them, as I desperately needed to get out of the house at least once a week to get some fresh air, have a chat and make a new friend.

I now have my Carepal who is called Amanda, she is lovely and takes me out in her car to places like the beach. I should have done this 30 years ago, I have missed out on so much!”

Miss DR - Newcastle