Child Support

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Having a child who needs support can be very difficult for parents and families.  Just finding the time to go to work can be stressful, and having time with other family members can seem almost impossible. 

At Happiest at Home we have carefully selected CAREPals to provide that help so that you can take a break.  We will support your child either within the family environment, or so that you can spend time on other things, and with other people.  This regular respite is essential for your own mental health, and our CAREPals understand the importance of their role within a family to make this as easy and smooth as could be.

We have a lovely young boy, Chris, who has just turned 20 and who has Down’s Syndrome. He loves to socialise and to get out into the community. He’s very chatty and friendly and we were anxious to get a ‘friend’ for him of a similar age, who would spend quality time with him and teach him life skills. It was also essential that we had the same companion for every weekly visit, as he closely bonds with people and becomes upset if people let him down.

We had used another home support company, but we got a different support worker every visit.

We asked around and we were recommended Happiest at Home by a friend who’s Mum uses them. We called them up, they were very knowledgeable and fully understood what we were trying to achieve, they listened!

Within a couple of days they had a couple of options for us. We met a couple of recommended Carepals and eventually decided that Mark was the best fit for Chris.

If you are looking for the same person to visit then use Happy at Home.

Mr and Mrs A.S.