The Cost of Care

The cost of care attracts a lot of media attention and debate, due to the fact that social care is as important to society as the NHS.

For individuals and their families who are considering care options, the financial implications and the on-goingcost of care can be a major worry. Care for a loved one, done correctly should be about individual needs and the quality of outcome to the clients life.

In the UK, legislation for care provision and funding availability is set by local authorities. Unfortunately the government provisions for care of the vulnerable vary depending upon where you live, but they rarely provide sufficiently for the full level of care and support that is often required. For most people this means that they are left to pay a contribution towards the total cost of care. When looking at care costs, making comparisons to the type of care you or a loved one receives is vitally important. You should consider the outcomes of care, beyond simply providing tasks, to consider the person’s safety, their need for continuity, companionship, interests and hobbies. Care and support is not something that is done to you, but something that enhances your life.

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Things to consider when comparing the cost of care

We at Happiest at Home pride ourselves in providing you with your own personal CAREPal, to ensure that you get the personal experience and deserved attention you need. Unfortunately not all care providers work like Happiest at Home, so when you compare us to them please consider:-

Do they provide you with a dedicated carer(s), or will they send many / any carers that are available that day?

– Are they incentivising their carers to be fast at their job, rather than great delivers of care?

– How experienced and qualified are their carers?

– Do the carers build really good relationships with their clients?

– Do they ensure wellbeing is the priority, over task lists?

– Do they match their carers to the clients by personality, common interests and hobbies, or do they just send over whoever is available?

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